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If there’s something that catches your attention about Opium Barcelona it’s most likely the glamour and the gorgeous people that attend their parties.  But what you’ll be happy to know the most is that you can enter for free to all and every one of the parties.
However, we know that there are times when you want to enjoy the party in a more private manner.  For this, Opium have provided 4  VIP areas, each one marked out by a different brand just as amazing as the others: Grey Goose, G.H. Mumm, Veuve Clicquot and Johnnie Walker. For this, don’t hesitate to reserve your VIP table in Opium.

This reservation includes a bottle (depending on the reservation that you choose) for you and up to 4 friends so that you can spend an electric night charged with fun and high-energy. The price of reserving a VIP table is from 300€ with a bottle included for up to 5 people.
The VIP tables in Opium Barcelona are distributed throughout the room, so you just have to let us know which location you prefer, or from where you want to enjoy the best house music of the moment and the night will be special.


To reserve your VIP table in Opium, you just need to call or Whatsapp us on +34 67 469 86 60.

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