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Meditation and beer! What a nice practice!

This new fitness trend will take the beer lovers to another conscience level!

Yoga beer is the perfect solution to approach a physical, mental and spiritual discipline with the pleasure of drinking beers while you exercise.


It looks crazy, but this practice exists since 2015. It was born as many other bizarre trends in Germany, more specifically in Berlin, a city known by their endless parties and a cosmopolitan air. According to their founders Emily and Jhula “BeerYoga is the marriage of two great loves – beer and yoga. Both are centuries-old therapies for body, mind and soul. The joy of drinking beer and the mindfulness of yoga compliment each other, and make for an energizing experience”.



The professional yoguis have found this new movement blasphemous, but consider that the exercise is still about control, even tho involves a bottle of beer and the taste of every sip. Full of laughs and awkward movements, the class is taugh in german in a beginner-friendly place and the hour session costs 5€; another 6€ will get you two beers or Radlers (Is a very popular mix of beer and soda or lemonade).

Classes must be booked weeks in advance and are fairly full, are thought for beer lovers who like yoga or any curios person older than 16. We hope this trend lands in Cataluña and in every corner of Europe.

Meanwhile let`s keep drinking every week!


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Girls Just Want To Have Some Fun ~

There will never be two summers that will be the same because every summer has a story.  Take out your summer rompers, silkiest cover ups, and tiniest bikinis for the best summer ahead of you.  This summer, YouBarcelona brings to you the classiest and best events to make every day worth remembering.  Well actually, we take that back because with the amount of alcohol we hope you are consuming – there’s not a chance you will remember this summer.  But with alcohol usually comes a little bit of trouble and a lot of fun so regardless, you will be having the time of your life in the sun.

  1. 1. Wet Deck Summer Series
  2. Summer is right around the corner and with summer comes the hottest parties of the season.  Summer also gives us the excuse treat every day like the weekend which means the party never ends! The Hotel W sets the standard for the best summer parties with their WET DECK Summer Series 2016, which takes place every Sunday beginning May 24th and going all the way until the end of September. Taking place on the rooftop pool deck of the 26th Floor you will take in the most amazing views of the city of Barcelona while sipping on the best cocktails in town. This is a party made for elegant people looking to have a good time surrounded by the most beautiful views and people of Barcelona.


  1. 2. Booze Cruises

Booze cruises are legendary boat parties that have been one of the most fun ways to enjoy your days in the summer for over a decade now DJs return to spin sick tunes below deck while beer and sangria flow freely. Celebrate the city on the high seas with sweeping views of the Mediterranean and nautical naughtiness aboard. Your night will include a 2 hour cruise with beautiful nautical views, unlimited beer and sangria, and free entrance to the nightclub of the night. If it takes your fancy hit the dancefloor where our resident DJ will be blasting out some smooth beats, or head to the upper deck chill out lounge to take in the stunning views, live music and hang out with your gorgeous fellow sea-faring spirits.

3. Hiking up Bunkers Carmel

In the district of “El Carmel” you will find one of the most beautiful, spacious, and charming areas of the city – Bunkers del Carmel from which you will be able to enjoy one of the best panoramic views of the city.  The fantastic 360 degree views from the summit aren’t the only things worth seeing there. At the top of the hill, you will also fiind bunkers which were used as anti air craft batteries, built during the Spanish Civil War in order to defend the city from the bombings that shook it.  It is advisable to go towards the end of the day when the heat is dying down a bit.  By doing this you can benefit from seeing the sun set over Barcelona with a panoramic 360 degree view including that of the Sagrada Familia, Tibidabo, and Toree Agbar.  Hike up with you a few beers and you will have a very unique evening ahead of you. 


And don't forget - if you're not feelin any of these then you can get FREE ENTRY EVERY NIGHT to the nightclub of your choice with YOUBARCELONA GUESTLIST

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Barceloneta vs. Port Olimpic

Barceloneta vs. Port Olimpic

“Only worry in the world is if the tide is gunna reach my chair.”

With easy breezes and sunny skies, everyone deserves nothing but relaxation throughout the summer.  Throughout the windy and snowy days the fall and winter brings us, it is very important to enjoy every moment during the summer. We all know that some beach therapy is the best therapy, which eventually leads you to being a beach-aholic but sometimes – that’s okay ;)

Barcelona is known for their fabulous beaches but what most don’t tell you is that your relaxation level depends on what beach you choose to go to in Barcelona.  As every foreigner would – I also chose to go to Barceloneta my first few weeks of being in Spain, which takes you to mistake number one. 

The famous Barceloneta beach stretches south from the twin towers (right down to the sail-shaped W-Hotel) and is the favourite stretch of sand for the city's first-time visitors. Northwards, going up to Parc del Forum are the rest of Barcelona's beaches, starting with Nova Icaria, then Bogatell and continuing via Mar Bella and Nova Mar Bella to Llevant (its on these sands where generally-speaking locals prefer to congregate). At night, and especially during the hot summer months, Port Olimpic becomes one of Barcelona's most popular nightlife districts.

Barceloneta is known for always having the most crowded beach in Barcelona.  This may be because it is the most popular beach in Barcelona.  However, due to the number of vendors that refuse to leave you alone – it has become my least favorite beach in Barcelona.  A positive about Barceloneta is the beautiful view it provides you due to the closeness of the Hotel WW Hotel is one of the hottest and most exclusive places of the city. Chic locals and international crowds who drip fashion and exclusivity live for Hotel W. Housing the infamous Eclipse rooftop bar 26 floors over the Mediterranean Sea, The W hotel has served to be one of the most important Barcelonian icons since it has opened thus making it a “must-see”. With its breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and Barceloneta Beach, W Hotel sets the scene for a truly wonderful stay.

Port Olimpic forms part of Olympic Village's attractive sea front, set in the heart of Barcelona's maritime zone and surrounded by beaches, gardens and buildings.  This is a beach where you will find relaxation and tranquility.  There are a few vendors there as well but nothing compared to Barceloneta.  With a more relaxed envirorment, you are guaranteed to enjoy a day in the sun without any worries except for the tides coming too close to your chair. It is surrounded by the most exclusive clubs of Barcelona – Opium, Shoko, Pacha, Catwalk etc.  All of which you can receive free entry to with YouBarcelona guestlist. 

Overall, Barcelona’s beaches are truly stunning and unforgettable.  Regardless of which beach you choose – you will be leaving mind blown by the beautiful views and how tan you just got.  Enjoy your summer and the glistening waters of Barcelona because I sure will! 

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Opium is the Greatest Addiction

For both a local and an international individual, Opium is one of the must see nightclubs.  While it does raise the bar pretty high for what people expect from a night out in Barcelona, it also leaves you speechless.  With both the lively music and the relaxing beach in the backfront of the nightclub, it serves for the perfect night out.  Opium is home of Barcelona’s biggest and best club located on the beach of Port Olympic.  Unlike most other clubs, Opium stays open until the sun comes up, literally – 6 AM. While most people will be heading out to work – your night is still going on!!!!!

As a company, YouBarcelona recognizes Opium for their best nights of the week, Fridays and Saturdays!  On Friday nights it is always a good idea to go with a wine night because we all know how cheap and ravishing the wine is here in Barcelona.  Definitely the best pregame choice. As we were ready for a phenomenal night ahead, we met Isaac in front of Opium where as usual he met and greeted us.  We had absolutely no wait and it really felt like we were VIP as he led us to our VIP area where a bottle of cava was already waiting for us.  I have yet to have a bad night out due to the great hospitality of YouBarcelona.  It truly is a blessing and a curse because it makes me want to go out every damn night of the week! 

However, on some nights we have the best and most famous DJ acts around the world such as – DJ Tiesto, David Guetta, and Avicii.  On the other hand some of the DJs may not be well known in Barcelona but they have a special place in my heart.  The music is always diverse and I am constantly “fist-bumping” to the upbeat music. The very very very spacious main dance floor allows you to get as physically close to the DJ as possible where the floor is also surrounded by the multiple VIP tables.

It may seem like I am invincible but we all need a break. The back of Opium allows you to step out for some air without being forced to leave, there is a terrace on the beach where the guests continue to enjoy their night with another full service bar.  Behind the terrace lays a beautiful view of the Mediterranean where you can relax by putting your feet in the cool and calming ocean or just lay down to listen to the sounds of the waves.

Regardless of what you choose to do throughout your night, you will be surrounded by the chic style, design, and decor that will leave you speechless.  Spend your time dancing along to the best house, lounge, and R&B music or watching the beautiful go go dancers all night long.  Opium only offers the best nights for their guests and ensures the best memories! 

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So Damn Delicious!

How amazing would it be if you could say that there is absolutely no “bad” place in Barcelona to eat?  However, that is not always the case seeing that there are tons of places that will not satisfy your needs.  As a Bengali-American, I have been exposed to various kinds of foods that not many people would be comfortable eating.  Through my heritage, I have learned that it is very important to be open minded when trying different foods especially in a foreign country.  If an individual is closed minded in a foreign country, their experience will lack much authenticity and your exposure to the culture will be minimal.   While I have been open-minded, that does not take away from my likes and dislikes in different restaurants.  If I do not like a food, I don’t like it and if I do, I will certainly be craving it at the most random times of the day.  Luckily, through YouBarcelona, I have been discovered the most unique and elegant restaurants in Barcelona. 

The first restaurant that caught my interest was Verne.  Verne is a restaurant that provides their guests with the most unique underwater experience in Barcelona.  The restaurant allows their guests to enjoy their dinner in a dark background with a giant jellyfish illuminating their table.  Their wide selection of seafood is made with love and passion to enhance everyone’s experience.  Their signature cocktails in seashells will define your journey through the oceans. The décor of the restaurant invites you to immerse yourself and enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine for any intimate occasion.  Better yet, when going with a group of people you are served with a special menu provided by YouBarcelona

If you are one of those who get seasick way too easily, Verne might not be the place for you.  However, we can move on to Jardinet d’Aribau. This restaurant has become known as the green spot of Barcelona.  With free entry to the club, you are also provided with a special menu specifically through YouBarcelona.  With the privilege of being located in an area with a lot of nightlife, Jardinet d’ Aribau proposes a young and upbeat atmosphere where you are taken to a fantasy world of nature.  Whether it is an intimate occasion or a group outing, you are guaranteed with a special night under the canopy of a tree or next to a soothing waterfall.  This fantasy world is committed to their philosophy that believes nature is the greatest protagonist.  Enjoy a night out in a garden full of flowers that create inspiration you have never witnessed before.

If neither the sea nor garden seems appealing to you, located in the center of Barcelona, is the one and only Elephant restaurant and Lounge.  The welcoming service and wide selection of Mediterranean and Asian cuisines creates a completely different atmosphere that you will not find anywhere else in Barcelona. The setting offers an irresistible ambience of exoticism and mystery that will leave you with a magical experience.  The food itself is so unforgettable that easily accompanies your unforgettable memories.  The cocktails and stylish choice of music ensures a great night ahead.  The elephant offers exclusive VIP tables with top service to satisfy every customer’s desires.  The Elephant’s availability of space, technical capabilities, and range of menus makes it a great option for any type of event.

With an open mind and an empty stomach, you are guaranteed a tasty night.  Go out with a group and take advantage of the specials offered by YouBarcelona including signature cocktails and free entry to the nightclub to accompany your night out! 

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