Shoes to wear for a party in Bling Bling


How many times a bouncer did not let you into the club although you signed up for the VIP guestlist? And it was all because he decided that you shoes were not appropriate…

Well, this will not happen again. Here you will find some tips that allow you and your shoes enjoy a great night in one of the best clubs in Barcelona: Bling Bling Isaac VIP Guestlist.

For exclusive clubs like Bling Bling, located on the street Tuset Zona Alta Barcelona, it ​​is very important that you are dressed up according to their Cool and Fashion style. Therefore, elegant and shiny shoes shall be your first choice.

Bling Bling has two VIP areas with sofas and tea tables. There is also a lounge with cocktail bar, where you will find many of the most in-demand premium beverages. The main dancefloor surprises with its laser shows and luxury décor. Every corner of this 1,500m2 club is shiny, elegant and proves its exclusiveness. You will definitely spend one of the best nights there, especially if you come on Thursday.

Our footwear recommendations for partying in Bling Bling are:

For girls...

- Always wear shoes that are party-style. Type shoes with heel boots are also valid.

- Avoid flat shoes. Even if you are over 1,80m, party at Bling Bling is a perfect opportunity to wear this one pair of high heels that you keep deep in your closet ;) But if for some reason you cannot or do not want to wear high heels choose elegant ballerinas.  

Zapatos chica para fiesta Bling

Zapatos fiesta para chica Bling


For boys...

- Always wear elegant shoes or smart-style moccasin.

- Avoid sport shoes, trainers and sneakers.

Zapatos fiesta chicos para Bling

Zapatos vestir chicos para Bling


And of course, you do not forget to enter for FREE with Isaac Guestlist!

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