Pacha Barcelona VIP Booking Price


Do you want an exclusive night out with your friends while still getting the full party experience? Then the VIP area at Pacha Barcelona is perfect for you! VIP gets you personalized service at your own table for you and your friends, a bottle of top notch alcohol, and soft drinks. Along with bottle service, you also get free access to the club without waiting in line! The cost to reserve a VIP table for you and 5 of your friends is 250 any night Monday-Sunday. 



Overlooking the dancefloor, Pacha VIP is a fabulous option if you are looking to experience the night in style. The VIP section is a fantastic place to view everything that is going on around you, while also feeling free to move around in your own space with your friends. The energy from the dancefloor carries throughout VIP while also being a little more intimate for your group. 

The VIP section on the terrace is the same way! You have your own space to dance around in, yet also feel as though you are experiencing the club's vibes. Having the open roof above you, lets you dance the night away in the fresh air under the stars. The seating outside is just as cozy as the ones indoors which alows you to really get comfortable! 


Don't forget that you can book your VIP table with YouBarcelona/Lista Isaac and get free admission to the club included with your VIP table booking. For more information on prices send a Whatsapp to +34697485000 and we will respond ASAP. FOr a great night that you will not forget, the fee to feel like royalty for the night is small compared to the numerous amount of memories that are about to occur!

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