Pacha Barcelona Dress Code



Pacha Barcelona is one of the most well know and respected clubs in all of Europe.  Being a famous club not only in Barcelona, but also in other locations such as Ibiza, London, Dubai, and New York, Pacha is held to a high standard and the same is expected of those who attend. Sign up for our FREE guestlist to get FREE entry to join in on the Pacha trend in Barcelona!



The crowd is a wide range of ages and nationalities, but they all have one thing in common; they dress to impress! They are a unique club and loves to see you express your uniquness as well in your style, so have fun and dress up a little! You're gauranteed to have a good time.

The dress code at Pacha Barcelona is described as "smart and elegant". The guests that show up to Pacha are always a wide range of different types of people, with their own unique style and tastes. 



Ladies: A mix of elegance and sexy is always a good mission when picking out your outfit. They won’t let you in if you have a "sporty " outfit on; heels and dresses  or dress like clothing are recommended. Pacha loves to see your unique style, so don’t hold back. Remember, when you look great you feel great!


Guys: Bouncers tend to pay a little more special attention to what men are wearing, so take caution! For guys, shirt and nice shoes are recommended. Pacha doesn’t allow athletic attire, especially when it comes to shoes. So be careful!



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