Mamarosa Beach Restaurant


Located in the lower level of the W Hotel and providing you with one of the most spectacular views of Barceloneta, Mamarosa beach seduces the local and international crowds to enter its incredible aura.  Mamarosa Beach has a lounge and terrace spaces that is filled with a decorative style with rococo touches to create an ideal environment to live up to your exceptional moments by the sea.  The location itself is enviable, being under the Hotel W and cuisine offered is more than customers can even imagine.

The Mamarosa Beach customers are invited to try out more than just the traditional Italian recipes, encontrandose among the house specialties, the Marosa Tagilata, delicious sirloin cut with Arugula and Parmesan cheese.  Accompanied with this delicious selection, you can also look at a specially selected wine list.

The best products, cocktails, and music accompany can alter your experience in which you will travel through the charm and multiple flavors of Barceloneta.  The Mamarosa Beach is often described as a modern with a glamorous touch often attracting a youthful and elegant crowd.

From this privileged location offering guests traditional Italian food in a very unique environment, modern aesthetics together with rococo touches that creates the chic essence of the place.  Opting to a fusion menu of a local cuisine with the Italian presents the unique between the combinations. This way you can create dishes that follow walk from lyrics Italian tradition with all natural flavors and textures. Its offer also includes renewed Mediterranean dishes inspired by Italian culinary concepts but with innovations in presentation, preparation and selection of ingredients. The Mamarosa Beach restaurant is a unique space in Barcelona in design, gastronomy and musical offerings. During the summer months, the terrace becomes one of the best places to enjoy a good meal or a beer, with sea views and breathtaking Barcelona coastline.

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