Catwalk Guest list


Hot hot hot !

The hottest rhythms of RnB , gorgeous House music and well-known DJ's - all it waiting for you in famous Catwalk. This exclusive club is "must go" for VIP people who love dancing with cool music all night long. All beautiful people of Barcelona and famous celebrities going to Catwalk for the special crazy atmoshpere. It doesnt matter if you tired or not in a great mood - in this club you gonna feel cool and full of energy. 

Catwalk party

With the special Catwalk Guest list you can have a free entrance to this trendy venue. If you love VIP party with friends - there is no better place then Catwalk club. It has two levels with different music and atmoshpere where you can enjoy your perfect night. Just use Catwalk Guest list and dance surronded by beautiful happy people.

The best wordwide DJ's have played in this club such as Roger Sanchez, Eric Morillo and Moby. The most fashionable parties with the hot music and VIP people - what else is important for the great night? With Catwalk Guest list you can enjoy all this for free. 


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