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Bling Bling

Bling Bling is a very in vogue and popular club located in the higher zone of Barcelona, Carrer Tuset.  If you enjoy attending the most popular and trendy clubs then this club is definitely for you! Bling Bling attracts the most sophisticated, glamorous and posh crowd of the city. The beautiful minimalist design of the club and its incredible parties help it to live up to its namesake.

The interior design of the club is very elegant and stylish, with a twist of the hallway of a classic hotel. In every corner, intricate details are highlighted by the shining illumination of the large jewels. The gold microcrystals decorate the walls and the sloping ceiling to recreate the aesthetics to match the name Bling Bling.

Bling Bling is definitely the place to be and with parties like Obsession on Thursday nights you are guaranteed a night full of luxury, glamour and otherworldly fun.

Bling Bling has two different VIP areas with sofas and a lounge with two cocktail bars where you’ll find the premium destillates and the main dance floor. You can enjoy a fancy and exotic cocktail whilst listening to electronic, dance, commercial house, hip-hop music and party anthems. With its elegant style and ambience, without a doubt, Bling Bling is the perfect club to spend a night full of surreality and luxury. Join our guest list to enjoy this trendy club.

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Precios botellas VIP







Address: Tuset, 10 - 08006, Barcelona
Directions: Metro L5 Diagonal
Music: House Commercial & Hits
Audience: 18+
Dresscode: Smart & Sexy (Strictly Applied)
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Do you want to Book a VIP Table at Bling Bling?
Thursday : 150€
Friday, Saturday : 240€

Bling Bling
Reserva tu mesa vip (5 personas) con botella, refrescos, y un trato espectacular,digno de un vip.

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Night Party on Friday, 23 of June
At club Bling Bling

🎧 House Pachanga  (2 rooms) Do you know Friday’s party at Bling Bling?  It's a party made up of an select crowd, 25+ years old, with lots of the glamour of the High Zone of Barcelona.  Every Friday you can enjoy an unrivalled night in Bling Bling. If you're looking to… [See more]

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Night Party on Saturday, 24 of June
At club Bling Bling

Saturday is the most exclusive party at Bling Bling, with an elite crowd of 25+ year olds.  Every Saturday you can enjoy an incredible night in Bling Bling with YouBarcelona.  We are waiting for you!

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Vip List Thursday - Obsession Party Bling Bling - YouBarcelona Guestlist

Night Party on Thursday, 29 of June
At club Bling Bling

🎧 House y Pachanga  (2 rooms)  Thursdays at Bling Bling has become the reference party of all in Barcelona, with a select crowd and an unrivalled ambience.  Come to visit it, you won't be disappointed.

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