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Parasailing is one of the favorite activities for many of the tourists from Barcelona to practice with an open paragliding while being towed by a boat, with the feeling, extreme and unique. Soar over Barcelona’s coastline for an unforgettable parasailing adventure. Cruise into the calm waters of Barceloneta Beach on a speedboat and reed out to take to the sunny skies. Fly at 150 m above the sea and admire the emblematic places of the city as if you were a bird. Glide above the beach and take in the fifteen minutes of the majestic bird view along Barcelona’s famous coast.  You will begin by slowly reeling out from the boat’s flight deck to experience a 15-minute parasailing activity. 




PCW has always been one of the elite sports that have individuals most fascinated during the summer. Now you have a chance to practice on the beaches of Barcelona and enjoy the most of your summer. These jets skis are seriously fast and fun...But be warned...They need to be handled with care! On this exhilarating high speed ride you will be in safe hands with our experienced and qualified drivers. The thrill of this activity will leave you speechless and we won’t be surprised when you are back in no time for a second round. This is a must do activity from Barcelona, giving you the chance to see the city skyline whilst enjoying the ride! 



Chicken Boat

This is one of the best and most attractive boats to go along with friends or friends when getting together to make memories. Get wet and enjoy this unique experience in which adrenaline is set to 100 per hour. The Barcelona Chicken Boat experience drifting at high speeds will have your heart racing.  Do not be fooled by the name because this is definitely a high-speed boat.  Squeeze tightly as you sit in the vessel for extra security because once you are in the water, there is no stopping the driver or the speed of the boat. The driver increases the acceleration of the boat as reaches the open water and once he reaches the needed speed, there’s no promising what will happen next. The crazy turns will guarantee an adrenaline pumping experience with non-stop action.

Chicken Boat


Unlicensed Boating

Have you ever had the desire to pilot a small boat? Now you can do and it all out on the coast of Barcelona. We invite you to sail in order to check off one more thing on your bucket list. Enjoy the Barcelona Sea on a fully equipped boat without a sailing license.  You have access to the city’s major sights and an excellent selection of restaurants, bars, and leisure attractions.  Enjoy the beautiful city’s beautiful skyline from sea.  We invite you spend a fun-filled morning or afternoon on the sea with every comfort and everything you’ll need to enjoy an unforgettable experience. If you prefer, an expert skipper can travel with you so all you’ll have to worry about is putting on your sunscreen and relaxing.

Unlicensed boats

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