Hints Regarding Nightlife in Barcelona



DJ Tiesto is highly regarded as one of the most well-known DJs in history, he was able to bridge the gap from underground trance music to the mainstream pop-oriented EDM world. He has been headlining parties, concerts, and festivals for over 20 years with continuing success and respect form the music world. With grammys, MTV awards, and number one records worldwide, #Tiesto continues to push the envelope and hold his position as the top DJ in the world.  

DJ Tiesto is no stranger to Barcelona, having headlined festivals and concerts he has made Barcelona his personal getaway to showcase new music to the eager clubgoers and music fans. Having stopped by to play at Opium Barcelona many times to fans.



David Guetta, the mastermind behind some of the most played songs in the past eight years, has made his name in the world of music from his talent of being one of the most requested DJs in the world. Having released five critically acclaimed albums with 30 million singles sold worldwide, he continues to push the envelope with collaborations and new sounds to the world. His music has topped the charts worldwide with unique artists from Usher, Nicki Minaj, Afrojack, and more. DJ magazine has named him #1 DJ in their "DJ Mag Top 100 DJs" list along with his #1 worldwide smash "When Love Takes Over". 

David Guetta has been playing in Barcelona for over a decade to break new music or just rock parties to thousands of eager fans lining up to hear him spin. He has played many many sold out shows and events at Opium Barcelona many times before. 



Armin van Buuren is the king of accolades from worldwide publications and fans alike for his albums and mixes that tend to reach everyone. Starting his career with an online radio show in his native country of the Netherlands, soon propelled him to superstardom and fans around the world. His songs not only gain him fans, but Grammy nominations and the recognition as the number one DJ with the most entries on the Billboard Dance/Electronics album chart.  

Having fans from all over the world can only signify how widely admired Armin is, especially in Barcelona. Barcelona has been the place to go when entertaining people with new and well known mixes. Armin has played all over Barcelona, with Opium Barcelona being one of his favorites to stop by and entertain guests until the early morning. 


Very few people in the world have not heard of the name Avicii in the past five years, thanks in part to his chart topping hits, millions of albums sold, and his Grammy nominations. Avicii continues to break new grounds with every new release of his mixes or his collaborations with Aloe Black that reached number 1 in almost every country worldwide. Avicii is a force to be dealt with from his headlining perfomances at music festivals yearly and working on his new album with future collaborators. 

When someone like Avicii announces he is going to play at a venue, people listen and tickets sell out days in advance. Avicii has played in Barcelona many times with Opium Barcelona being his first stop in premiering the songs that will eventually take over the world in a few months. 




Deadmau5 is a very recognizable figure in the world of electronic music, not only from his critical and commercial success of albums but from his appearance on stage. Deadmau5 has been known to rock custom made mousehead masks made to his personal specifications depending on what event he is playing. Many of the masks he wears only once and continues to create newer ones with collaborating artists worldwide. But his appearance is only an extension of the music he creates that has garnered him fans worldwide. Deadmau5 has created music that has spanned past the world of electronic music and he has been able to work on movies to video games to being the resident DJ to The MTV Awards. 

With such a recognizable sound and look, Deadmau5 has had the opportunity to play around Barcelona and most of Spain in the years he has been Djing and creating music. Being recruited to play the most well known clubs around Barcelona is not new to Deadmau5 and the fans that come to see him everytime. 



Hardwell is one of the newer entries in the Top 10 DJs in Barcelona list but that dosen't mean much when he is headlining festivals around the world and gaining more than 100 million views from his performances online. Having started in 2009 with remixes he created in his bedroom, propelled him to the title of "Number 1 DJ" from DJ Magazine in both 2013 and 2014. Hardwell has continued gaining fans and selling out festivals with his five compilation albums and finally his debut album released this year. There looks to be no stopping Hardwell as he continues to climb the music charts and new music that continues to release to fans. He continues to sharpen his skills as one of the fastest rising DJs around. 

Hardwell has traveled the world in his short time that he has been DJing, playing at the most well-known clubs not excluding Barcelona. Hardwell has stopped by Opium Barcelona to one of the largest audiences in recent history. Seeing as how his first appearance was so well recieved, it will only be a matter of time before Hardwell returns to another amazing show.    



Grammy nominated and Billboard charting hitmaker Steve Aoki is considered one of the hardest working DJs in the world with a non-stop schedule of creating new music and touring. Aoki has been unstoppable in his endeavours with creating new music that is renowned worldwide and his multiple appearances at events. Aoki is known for being one of the first to break the mold in EDM by expanding and collaborating with hip-hop artists. His collaborations have included such artists like Will.i.Am, Lil Jon, Afrojack, and more. Creating new music that tops the charts worldwide dosen't seem to stop Aoki in touring the world and expanding his music knowledge.

It would be no surpise that Steve Aoki would make several trips a year to Barcelona to play festivals and sold-out shows at venues. He has been known to make appearances at Opium Barcelona playing new music, old music, new collaboration projects, and experimental songs until six in the morning. 



Literally being a presence that towers over the audience at 6' 9" ( 2.06 m), Afrojack is someone who you cannot miss from his height to his music. Afrojack has been captivating everyone with his music to his production. In the past few years, he has produced tracks from David Guetta to Madonna. In the short time the world has known about Afrojack, he has made a name for himself and only continues to gain followers with his collaborations and his own music. 

Afrojack has made his presence known with his multiple appearances at Opium Barcelona to a crowd absolutley stunned by this newcomer. As he continues to travel and release new music, his following appearances at Opium Barcelona will only be bigger and bigger to a sold-out crowd of new and older fans. 



Nicky Romero, born in 1989 in a small city in Holland is now one of the youngest succesfull Dj`s of the season. In 2010 made a collaboration with David Guetta releasing their hit "When the love takes over". When this song went viral, David Guetta became Nicky´s mentor. They have since collaborated on some projects as "Metropolis" and "Wild One Two". In 2012 made a residency at David Guetta`s infamous FMIF Club nghts at Pacha in Ibiza.

During Nicky´s career, he has made collaborations with Flo-rida,  Avicii with "I could be the one", and has produced music for Rihanna and Britney Spears. As many other important DJ´s, Nicky Romero has made appearances in Opium Barcelona with new sounds mixing RnB and some other rithms.



Axwell was member of Swedish House Mafia with Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello. In 2013 was placed 19th on the DJ Magazine Top 100 DJ Poll. Since 2014 along with Sebastian Ingrosso formed a DJ´s duo named Axwell - Ingrosso, they realeased their first single "Can´t hold us down" and later their single "Something New" with video trailers in the web side. In 2015 the duo dropped their hit "Sun in shining" and received almost 3 million views on the first month.

Opium Barcelona was host on August of 2016 of "WeDJ´s" and received Axwell- Ingrosso and many other Dj`s around the world, a "Must go" event.





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