Bars and Pubs



Hot Bar - Tuset, 28 

Located across the street from Bling Bling, Hot Bar is the perfect place to dine and start your engines with a beer, fruit cocktails, drinks or shots served by a barman specialist. 

               Hot Bar

The Jardinet d'Aribau - Aribau, 133 

A lovely place to spend a perfect evening. Their menus are classified as simple, sophisticated and mixed. There is also a supplement with the best cocktails in the area. 

Jardinet d'Aribau

Ajo Blanco - Tuset, 20 

Ideal for having a few drinks before going out. It also has live music with a select and exclusive atmosphere. 

Ajo Blanco

Hot Lounge - Laforja, 8 (temporarily closed) 

An ideal place for organizing large group dinners, business dinners, or birthday parties. In addition to special prices on drinks, we offer free bar menus from € 18. 

Hot Lounge

Hot Aribau - Aribau, 254 (temporarily closed) 

Looking for a place to have fun with good music, good menus and Karaoke? Hot Aribau is the place you want to go! Menus start from € 18 with open bar and drinks at special prices. 

Hot Aribau

For more information or private events, call or whatsapp at +34 697 485 000. 


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